A ‘nine-box grid’ is a matrix tool that is used to evaluate and plot a company’s talent pool based on two factors, which most commonly are performance and potential. Typically on the horizontal axis is ‘performance’ measured by performance reviews. On the vertical axis is ‘potential’ referring to an individual’s potential to grow one or more levels in a managerial or professional capacity.

We recommend using the 9-box by using it in conjunction with the Performance Values Matrix. Managers’ ratings of both the performance and behaviors of the employee are combined to form a single Total Performance Score.

This Total Performance Score then serves as the x-axis on the 9-box. The y-axis, or potential, is left up to a group of leaders to more subjectively assess and decide.

Ready to get started? Follow the steps below and use the links to review articles for more details.

  • Enable the 9-Box feature. (Administrative users can enable this in the Account Settings)

  • Configure the 9-Box grid with labels, definitions, and include X and Y axis instructions.

  • Navigate and create 9-Box assignments.

  • Once assignments are completed you can access the single assignment report or view all completed assignment reports on an organizational scale.

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