Check-ins help managers and employees stay aligned and focused on priorities, and provide a quick and easy way to communicate progress, issues, and concerns.

Check-Ins provide the opportunity for frequent feedback making them an integral part of a coaching culture.

Creating Check-Ins and Check-In templates are simple with pre-loaded questions, the ability to set the desired frequency and a mass assign option. Click here for more on how to create Check-Ins.

The Check-In workflow includes email notifications for both manager(s) and employees as well as an integrated view while completing the Performance review.

Workflow Diagram

NOTE: Managers will still receive an email when an employee completes a new Check-In. The message will also be copied to the Message Center.

Download Workflow Diagram

Here are some Best Practices to consider:

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you decide how Check-Ins will work best for you and your team.

  • Keep the Check-In process brief by including only a few questions.

  • Create broad questions if possible. (i.e. What are your priorities this Check-In cycle?) This creates less work for you as a manager and ensures the questions always apply.

  • Meet in person to discuss the employee’s Check-In if possible. After the conversation, summarize your feedback in the Check-In form.

  • Set the desired frequency for easy reminders and change the frequency as needed.

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