360 Degree Feedback is a valuable tool for managers to gather additional observations of team members. This feature allows you to give, receive, and request feedback.

Requests can include custom questions with a likert scale, text responses or a combination of both types of responses.

Additionally, you can request external feedback on your team if you’d like insights from a client or another contact outside of the organization.

Workflow Diagram

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Employees can request internal feedback to be sent to their managers for themselves. Managers can request internal feedback on their team and Super Users and Admin Users can request feedback on anyone in the organization.

Here are some Best Practices to consider:

  • Request feedback with probing questions. (Template questions help you get started.)

  • Use 3-5 questions for External Feedback. Any more, and you may not get responses.

  • Request feedback 2-3 weeks before the end of the review cycle. This gives team members plenty of time to respond.

  • “Share the spirit of the feedback” with your employee if you are not able to share it directly. In other words, weave acknowledgments and constructive feedback into your coaching conversations.

  • Share helpful feedback on their performance review. You may have the ability to “attach” feedback responses to the review. Do so if the feedback is insightful / helpful.

When navigating to Engage> 360 Feedback you can easily access 'Internal Feedback', 'External Feedback' and an 'All' feedback options. When one of the mentioned options is selected you can then toggle between Completed and Pending 360's.

The 'All' navigation option allows you to filter by the 'submitted by' column. You can then view the 360's that are sitting in an employee's queue to be completed. You can select to filter the results in other ways as well.

Check out our PCU Coaching Series video for more.

Watch the Learn topic Using 360 Feedback to Enhance Your Performance Management Process (13 min) for more about using 360 Feedback with your team. This topic can be found in your Library > Learn Library.

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